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THE WIZ at Golden Gate TheatreReturning back to the stage at the Golden Gate Theatre, we have non other the most thrilling story to be ever told in a musical. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!!! The Wiz is finally here, and it’s an all-new Broadway-Bound tour, the first in a very long time—40 years to be exact. This TRAILBLAZING adventure, which is a twist on “The Wizard of Oz,” has changed the look of Broadway with its foot tapping score jam packed with outstanding gospel, soul, rock, and 70s funk, aaannnddd of course, the rousing tale of Dorothy’s voyage to find her place in a modern world. Created by the who’s who of the industry, this story will leave you mesmerized, and the costuming is something that will take your breath away. So, for a night that you will never forget, be ready to be absolutely riveted by this amazing musical. WELCOME TO THE WIZ!!!

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The Wiz is an incredible musical that will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire show. Dorothy’s journey begins as a young black woman from Harlem who is eventually swept away by a tornado to the mythical Land of Oz. There, she encounters the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, all of whom decide to accompany Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City in search of the Wizard. As the story unfolds, Dorothy and her new friends face several challenges but also learn the value of friendship, strength, bravery, and self-empowerment. Ultimately, they discover that they have everything they could ever need to meet these challenges, but how will the story play out and how will the challenges affect her and her new pals? Well, there is only one way to find out!!!
This modern-day twist on the classic musical has all the hallmarks of the original story but has been freshly updated for 2023, going into 2024. The production, costumes, and music have all been modernized to reflect a modern urban world, which makes this a highly relatable show. It is sure to be a hit with audiences from all walks of life.

With an All-Star creative team under the award-winning directorship of Schele Williams, who was in charge of The Notebook and the revival of Disney’s Aida, you can expect an absolute masterpiece. Williams has already been involved in projects on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in various theaters across the country, so her wealth of experience takes this musical to brand new heights. Choreographed by the expert touch of Jaquel Knight, who did Beyonce’s fantastic “Single Ladies,” and with music by Charlie Smalls and supervision by Joseph Joubert, the whole production will captivate you with the most exhilarating steps and, of course, the score. Additional members include scenic design by Hannah Beachler, who was involved with the Blank Panther production, costume design by Sharen Davis, responsible for the Emmy-Award winning Watchmen and Dreamgirls, lighting by Ryan O’Gara, and wig design taken care of by Mia Neal, who helped Ma Rainery’s Black Bottom win an Academy Award. This whole team just oozes with class.

Not only is the creative team amazing, but the cast line-up is pretty spectacular too. Wayne Brady and Alan Mingo Jr. will take turns playing the Wiz. R&B legend Deborah Cox has the role of Glinda and Melody Betts will be playing Aunt Em/ Evillene. Playing Dorothy’s Friends will be Kyle Ramar Freeman as the Lion, Phillip Johnson Richardson as the Tinman, and Avery Wilson as the Scarecrow. It’s super exciting to see these proud members of the black community doing it big on stage.
In 1975, the all-Black “super soul musical,” The Wiz, debuted on Broadway, adapting Baum’s classic children’s novel, making it a very early example of the acceptance of a full black cast. It was a surprise hit with fans and won seven Tony Awards, including “Best Musical Score.” Back then, the original cast featured Ted Ross and Dee Dee Brigewater, with Choreography by Geroge Faison and Musical Direction and Costume design by Geoffrey Holder. The songs “Ease On Down the Road” and “Home” became breakout hits. It then moved from the stage to the big screen in the big budget 1978 film adaptation, which starred Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, and Michael Jackson. There have been revivals of the show in New York, London, San Diego, and the Netherlands, and in June 2009, Encores! presented a limited-run revival of the show at New York City Center.

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This new update, being based on the original, is sure to be a smash. As a matter of fact, Frank Rich, in his review of the 1984 revival, wrote, “What made The Wiz surprisingly moving the first time around was that its creators found a connection between Baum’s Kansas fantasy and the pride of urban Black Americans,” which the new one has by the bucket load. In 2015, Critic Peter Filichia, referring to Stephen Sondheim’s opinion on the show, said, “It’s the one show which makes you feel better when you come out of it than you did when you walked in.”

Everything about this event is truly impressive and groundbreaking. From the afore mentioned brand new cast and creative team to the updated setting featuring a modern-day landscape rather than the typical Land of Oz, which has already been done several times. Not only that, but the music is also new, which is bound to get you in the mood. Plus, with a powerful message under its belt, people can expect to leave with a thought-provoking perspective on issues such as social justice, identity, courage, and friendship.

So, for a fresh, exciting take on the classic, be sure to get yourself to the show, and trust us, you really don’t want to miss out on any of this action. It will be a heartwarming journey of self-discovery that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, making this one of the best shows you’ve attended.

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