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Golden Gate Theatre is proud to introduce Mean Girls! The thirty-one-award nominated show about a young girl coming of age, Cady Heron must not only navigate a new country and a new school but also a new social group, and for a teenage girl I don’t think there is anything scarier! Based on the 2004 Mean Girls film written by Tina Fey, the show will have you howling with laughter and crying with joy as Cady tries and fails to fall in love, makes new friends and becomes one of the infamous plastics, until eventually conquering all her fears and rising to become queen of high school.

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“Mean Girls is not a regular musical, it’s a cool musical” – Entertainment Weekly

“A Broadway crowd-pleaser” – New York Daily News

“Girls go wild on Broadway in a musical version of Tina Fey’s cult movie.” – Time Out

“Tina Fey’s catty book and Nell Benjamin’s saucy lyrics pump laughs into this smart, funny, musical-comedy version of the 2004 movie.” – Variety

“Omg, you’ll lol.” – The Washington Post

“Mean Girls is a marvel: Dazzling and Hilarious!” – Entertainment

“Broadway has waited a long time for Tina Fey’s talent. At last she is here!” – The New York Times

Golden Gate Theatre Mean Girls

Cady Heron, played by Danielle Wade, and her family move from Kenya to Chicago and Cady has to navigate the new high school clique’s. “The Plastics” a trio led by Regina George, played by Mariah Rose Faith, the “Queen Bee”, Gretchen Wieners, played by Megan Masako Haley, Regina’s nervous, eager-to-please second-in-command, and Karen Smith, played by Jonalyn Saxer, the stereotypical dumb blonde. Regina and her fellow Plastics decide that the new girl will eat lunch with them for the rest of the week. Next Cady meets the delicious Aaron Samuels, played by Adante Carter, and immediately falls for him but is warned off him because he is Regina’s ex and is out of bounds if she wants to be a Plastic. Cady being young and truly, madly, deeply in love with Aaron figures that if she fakes her math skills, she can get him to explain it to her and therefore spend more time with him, you go girl! Aaron invites Cady to his Halloween party! Woo! Que the trouble, Regina spitefully flirts with Aaron and ends up kissing him. A furious Cady concocts a plan to get the bitch back. Starting by giving Regina Kälteen Bars so that she will gain weight and then tricking Gretchen by sending a fake Candy Cane Gram to Cady from “Regina” saying that they are now best friends and finally revealing Regina’s hook-ups with Shane Oman. The results are in, and the campaign was a success, Regina’s evil reign is over! Making Cady the new Queen Bee, long live the Queen!
It’s makeover time ladies, the Queen is dead, long live the Queen! Cady is re-born as a Plastic, lying to her parents and lying to her friends to get out of going to the Art show so she can have a party. Regina, pissed that she didn’t get an invite to Cady’s party prints off “the burn book”, a book the plastics keep a record of all the mean things they think about the other kids in, and releases it to the school. Causing all matter of trouble, fights break out, there’s tears. When a teacher tries to calm things down and Cady tries to apologies to Regina, she storms off and, gets hit by a bus…Regina’s bus accident prompts Cady to reevaluate herself and realize what a monster she has become, she takes full blame for the burn book and gets a three week suspension. Will Cady come back from this? Can she mend the bridges with her friends that she not just burned down but graded over and salted too? What happens with Aaron, can he ever see past her plastic past? All this to come and more!

Mean Girls was nominated for thirty-one awards, winning four including Outstanding Book of a Musical, Outstanding Ensemble in a Broadway Show and Outstanding Visiting Production. The musical is written by Tina Fey, who wrote the original movie in 2004, with music by Emmy award winning Jeff Richmond, husband of Tina Fey and lyrics by Nell Benjamin. It is directed and choreographed by the multi-award-winning Casey Nicholaw, with scene design by award winning Scott Pask, costume design by Gregg Barnes, lighting by Kenneth Posner and sound by multi-award-winning Brian Ronan. The original Broadway cast recording debuted at number 42 on the Billboard 200 chart, the highest debut for a cast album in over a year.

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Mean Girls Broadway Review

“An ode to self-respect and the benefits of a STEM-based education, Broadway’s Mean Girls is a lively, frequently hilarious adaptation of Tina Fey’s 2004 high school comedy. Propelled by dazzling set design and several stand-out performances, the musical gives fans everything they want while bringing the saga of Regina George and the Plastics into the social media age. Visually, Mean Girls is a marvel. The set consists largely of a massive wall of digital screens, which display an ever-changing array of backgrounds — the surroundings can switch from a classroom to Regina’s bedroom to the mall to the golden plains of Kenya almost instantaneously, allowing for seamless transitions between scenes. It’s a sly metaphor — these screen-addicted teens are practically living in a pixel matrix — that also allows for a bounty of background jokes. Perhaps the most relevant number for Mean Girls’ young audience is the second-act opener “Stop” — Damian’s hilarious treatise on the importance of impulse control in the social media era: “When you feel attacked, that’s a feeling, not a fact — don’t jump online and react. The true joy of Mean Girls, though, stems from the characters surviving in Regina’s orbit, and diehard fans will be delighted to see that Fey & Co. have made sure all of the movie’s greatest hits get their moment on stage — from “You go, Glenn Coco!” to “She doesn’t even go here!” Before you even make it inside the August Wilson Theatre, there’s a 30 percent chance you’ll already be laughing. B+” – Kristen Baldwin, Entertainment Weekly.

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