Wild Kratts – Live at Golden Gate Theatre

Wild Kratts - Live Tickets

Golden Gate Theatre | San Francisco, California

Wild Kratts - Live

Activate your creature power this March 6 and explore the animal kingdom in the most creative ways with the Kratt Brothers! Your favorite zoologists, Martin and Christopher, who have taken you to different corners of the world, will bring your favorite animated series to life. Witness the Kratt Brothers as they get their “Wild Kratts Live 2.0 Tour” to the Golden Gate Theatre. If you or your kids have always enjoyed the brothers’ adventures in their TV series, you are invited to partake in this interactive live show tailored for kids of all ages. Join in the excitement, laughter, and learning as Martin and Chris engage the audience with their trademark humor and hands-on exploration. So, gear up your Creature Power Suits and secure your tickets as early as today. Click the “Get Tickets” link and be in awe of discovering specific animal groups in this two-hour show filled with educational learning.

Children, among many things, are innately curious and drawn to animals. When youngsters see a pet or a wild animal, they tend to feel excitement and fascination. The basis behind this goes beyond natural curiosity; humans and, most especially, children are actually predisposed to be interested in the animals that they encounter. That is why it is a good way for kids to be exposed to animals and wildlife. By doing so, it becomes an adaptive process of learning the ins and outs of the world. Many shows entertain kids in this way. Among the best is the animated series Wild Kratts, which introduces creatures from the sky, the land, and the water in a fun, educational way.

Wild Kratts is the animated adventure of the Kratts brothers, who are real-life zoologists. The animated show takes place in different biomes and the animals that live in them. They are accompanied by their engineer friends Aviva Corcovado and Koki. These two tinkerers, create things that model the animals they encounter and dissect how these animals function and what are their adaptive skills and behaviors to thrive in their environment. Rather than just identifying the animals, they also try to create applications of the learnings. Like any other adventures, theirs are not as smooth as they should be. This is thanks to the villains who ought to destroy the fun. Zach Varmitech, a robotics inventor, has dedicated her time and craft by being a spoilsport. Joining forces with him is fashion designer Donita Donata who tries to turn the animals into her designs. Nonetheless, the gang always saves the day.

The show has been encouraging kids to love animals since 2011. Many individuals have been inspired by the show and many others will follow. To reach a bigger audience, it has now expanded to a live show on tour. The Kratts brothers will be putting on their suits and will activate their animal powers to bring learning through play in venues in North America. One of the stops is at The Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco will get the Wild Krattz experience on March 6. Bring your kids to the show to have fun while learning. Book tickets now!

Wild Kratts - Live at Golden Gate Theatre

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