The Wiz at Golden Gate Theatre

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Golden Gate Theatre | San Francisco, California

The Wiz

You'll be singing the catchy hits, tapping your feet, wondering how the cast are so excellent followed by shouting for an encore by the time it's curtain call! The Wiz is on the road again this winter with another famous tour of the US! Thursday 18th January 2024, down at the well known Golden Gate Theatre of San Francisco, California thousands of fans have been in sheer anticipation for this date! Come see what all the fuss is about, it'll be the finest night of January maybe even of the year! This'll be an unforgettable evening for both The Wiz and musical fans alike! grab your tickets now by simply clicking 'get tickets' now!

Most people who have never been to see a theater performance don’t know what they are missing out on. The truth is that a Broadway musical or theater event, is something that needs to be experienced to be really understood. Typically, the majority of people who go watch theater for the first time, always end up going back again. Once a person experiences the thrill of live theater, they learn to appreciate it. And even love it. If you haven’t already been to a Broadway show, or seen live theater, go see one right away, and the Golden Gate Theatre in California is a great option. Once you see your first one, it’s almost guaranteed you will be back for more. So why not come see the amazing The Wiz on Thursday 18th January 2024?

The Wiz at Golden Gate Theatre

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