Mean Girls at Golden Gate Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

Golden Gate Theatre | San Francisco, California

The Tony Award nominated production Mean Girls is coming to the Golden Gate Theatre on Tuesday 14th February 2023 and is your date to fall into the reality of North Shore High School. Grab your tickets immediately and know you have your seats for a show of strong melodies, current news references and funny personalities. Journey with newbie Cady Heron as she is shoved into the hectic environment of mainstream schooling and find out how she tackles the fierceness of North Shore High. Will Cady succumb to peer pressure? Ensure you arrive on Tuesday 14th February 2023 to witness the lively Mean Girls at the Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco, California, buy your tickets now and escape regret.

If you still haven’t experienced live the award-winning Mean Girls performed in Golden Gate Theatre – we have some good news for you. You’ll have the unique chance to change this on Tuesday 14th February 2023, as the mesmerizing event will visit the most popular theatre in San Francisco, California to bring thrill and delight to the patrons of all stripes. The unmissable performance on stage will be complemented by all the additional conveniences that the hosts can offer. From the moment you walk in you will be treated like an A-star royalty by the down-to-earth yet world-class event staff. Thanks to the convenient parking lots no guest needs to worry about missing a second of the exhilarating act on stage, and the superb dining and drinking spots located right around the corner most certainly will make a great addition to your exclusive Tuesday evening out. If all this sounds like your thing – there’s only one thing to do. Reserve your ticket today and treat yourself with this stunning musical delight! 

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