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Golden Gate Theatre | San Francisco, California


Are you looking for an "earth-bending" musical experience to immerse yourself in this year? Well, you don't have to search the four nations to experience that. Pardon the cheesy references, but we could not help but take the opportunity to mention them. After all, we love "Avatar: The Last Airbender." And since you clicked on this one, it is safe to assume that you do, too. Well, you've come to the right site because we have the ticket for you to experience an earth-bending musical experience this February 23 at the Golden Gate Theatre. Get ready for an epic event that will bring your love for the Emmy award-winning animated series to the next level. A feast to your senses will be this February 23 as you witness an extraordinary symphony orchestra bring to life the music and iconic scenes of the beloved animated series. Composed and arranged by the series' original composer, Jeremy Zuckerman, the music will surely bring nostalgia and a plethora of emotions to you and your friends. Make this event a way to rekindle your love for the series we all adore. After all, a new live-action series is coming soon. Tickets for the show are now on sale, and you can get yours by hitting the "Get Tickets" link. Purchase yours now!

Considered one of the best-animated series of all time, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" turned a kid's show into a celebration of Asian culture through incredible world-building, energetic art style, and impeccable storytelling. Childhood during the late 2000s would not have been complete without the beloved characters from this show and its conceptualization of elemental powers. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and the other characters are unforgettable and relatable. It is also cool to see elemental powers called element bending depicted through martial arts movements and explosive visualizations. When the iconic opening sequence played out while watching TV during those times, it sure was exciting to have a blast immersing into the world of energetic characters, fluffy pets, and amazing adventures.

Fans of the show are sure to be asking for more or are looking for ways to experience those fuzzy feelings experienced watching it for the first time. Well, ask no more as the show moves forward from the TV screens to a live theatre showcase.

People (of all ages) who are huge fans of the beloved animated series will surely savor a spectacular experience as Avatar: The Last Airbender will be in concert. From TV screens, the show will be transferred to the theatre with a live orchestra. This showcase is sure to be grand. The music composition and arrangement come from Emmy winner Jeremy Zuckerman, who added the musical flavor of the original show. The familiar rhythm and twang are sure to bring back memories of joy watching this show. Traditional Chinese instruments will weave through those parts of the classical orchestra.

As if the music is not enough in itself, they will be performed alongside the highlights of the show. It will be a rollercoaster of experience seeing the happy, funny, and epic moments of the show. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph will be witnessed again in their adventure, and the feels are multiplied tenfold.

Avatar: The Last Airbender in Concert's tickets are selling out fast, which is why if you plan to watch it at the Golden Gate Theatre on February 23, you should buy yours now before they are gone. See you there!

Avatar at Golden Gate Theatre

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